IMFreakz Will not Win Busby SEO Test!!!

IMFreakz current winner on previous Busby SEO World Cup will not win this second SEO World Cup with keyphrase to win is Busby SEO Test. I’m really sure about this.

In my #1 report about Busby SEO Test positions (in my other blog) Enticegh or Kabon will win this contest.

Here is way IMFreakz will not win this Busby SEO Test :
In this contest IMFreakz not manage their team, their link building effort and money source well. I know all about this because I’m in this team :D. Imfreakz not doing well what other contestant do. For an example they are not buying link as much as others do (They have lose in one point). IMfreakz also not manage any contest on this contest (another negative point). Their contest blog are not manage well, not update regularly (again, this is other negative point). If they update their blog, they write unrelated post to SEO or Busby Contest with bad grammar. For you to know, they only write 2 post about SEO. They also not doing blog commenting strategy as well as others because they have no much time for this.

But, they have positive point on this contest (other will have this too), they still have energy but without money in hand :D, they still try to win with their way. So which is IMFreakz point plus compare to others?

Anyway, I’m not an expert in this field (SEO) so I’m just guessing, once again this just my prediction. The winner will not count on my prediction 😆

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