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Busby SEO Test Countdown

Busby SEO Test Winner will be decide soon. 21 Day’s to go for all contestant to optimize their Busby SEO Test page. I see a lot of strategy has been using in this contest; such as money politic — buy link — :D, blog comment — spamming — , pure politic, and others.

What ever it is, I think INDONESIA, will win SEO Wolrd Cup by Busby Webs Solutions, AGAIN. But which contestant, I do not know. There are 2 Indonesia contestant in top three of this contest, and they are solid team, they have a great experience in this field.

Trully, I’ve been doing wrong strategy in this Busby contest. To many power and to much times to spend in the beginning. And now, am almost lost my power, lost my effort to compete in the contest. My friends said in their blog “The real contest has just begun”. Yeah, the REAL contest has begun NOW. Let’s face it, lost enthusiast to win or not, is not the reason. And I’m not the one who likes to makes reason, if I lose. If I must lose in this Busby SEO Test, then I must admire my competitor because they have more knowledge, technique, skill, theory, and MONEY. So, I salute you who will become Busby SEO Test Leader.

But please wait, let me use my last strategy. I have one last weapon to climb higher in this Busby mountain. Tomorrow, at midnight I’ll start to spell our sacred SEO Mantra. And start to drink my holy water :Arak Bali: I named this SEO strategy as “Drunken Master SEO Power….less” 😆

And please stop use this kind of SEO Strategy.

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