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Busby SEO Test

Busby SEO Test Contest is nearly finish. Less than 11 hours from now the Competition winner will crown as the king without queen in Busby SEO Test.

Winner will be decide by : USA Google Data Center – for the key phrase : in Busby SEO Test Datacenter.

My Busby SEO Test post Check List not my SEO Contest Strategy
  1. Keyword Factor
    • Test Keyword in Title Tag
    • Maximizing keyword in Body Text
    • Using keyword in H1 Tag in my Busby SEO Test post header, also try to use other H Tags
    • Using keyword in domain are disallow then I used it in my post URL
    • Start to optimizing alt tags and image titles in my busby test contest page
    • Using bold and emphasis for busby keyword to test this page
    • Some say meta keyword and meta description are no longer important, since this busby contest are based on specific keyword, then I try to use it now (using meta tag are not my style, but I will try it)
  2. Link Factor
    • Make this contest Busby page popularity more than other page in this domain by optimizing internal linking
    • Build topical relevance of Inbound Links to this Busby SEO Contest page from site that has good link popularity
    • Fresh link everyday
    • Variate anchor inbound link to void google bomb indicator
    • Only make a external link to authority site
    • Don’t care to much about domain extension of linking site, for an example .edu, .gov, .com, etc
  3. Luck Factor

Simple isn’t it ? yeah, that is simple just like that, nothing more. I’m just noobie so please forgive me if I could not give you a good content in this Busby SEO Test Contest page.

Update :
For you to know, I’m participating in this challenge is not only for the prize money, but to exhibit my Noobs skills and try to discover and share new techniques for optimizing a single page. I consider by competing in competition like this, will give me the opportunity to show how much I mastering the search engine techniques.

But knowing a little about search engine techniques without friend help (backlinks), it almost nothing. So, if you want to see Dewaji wins this SEO Contest, please link to this single post with the anchor text “Busby SEO Test“.


First Prize : $5000
Second Prize : $2000
Third Prize : $500
Fourth Prize : $250
Fifth Prize : $100
Midway prize – $1000 to the entrant who has the highest Average ranking on Google this can be measured on Monday 5th January 2009. (Pinay win this prize).


October :
3 = #10
4 = #1 and 2nd (my blog)
5 = #2 and 3rd (my blog)
6 = #1 and 2nd (my blog)
7-14 = same result
15-24 (morning)= same result
24 (night) = drop to 2 + 3
25 = Back to the top
31 = My friends told me to move my ass and I’m drop to #5 + #6

1 = #1
2 = #3 + #4
4 = #1
9 = #3+ #4. Now it’s Getting hard to compete in this challenge, all competitor are trying hard to get the best place and try to outrank their competitor. Then it’s time to play and do some exercise 😀
9 – 13 = Forgot to save the log 😀
14 = #5 and #6. But the good news is Our IMFreakz blog has taken the lead 😀
15 November until 11 January this page still struggling in top ten.

January (last month)
11 = #5

The good news in this second SEO Test by Busby is; we still can use our old domain to participate, more about the seo test contest rules, please read it in my sidebar. And, to win this SEO test Challenge I think I’ll need Jasa Konsultan SEO. Would you mind to share your knowledge, technique and all your Busby seo test magic. Also do some testing at Busby SEO Test Contest World Cup to help this Busby SEO Test post.

I’m really lucky this page ranking so stable and hope will not drop from top ten in this Busby SEO Contest Test.

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