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Busby SEO Test Challenge

After waiting for a month finally Busby has decided to make a new SEO Contest. The keyphrase is Busby SEO Test. [ update Oct – 02 -08 ]

Congratulations to all Busby SEO Challenge winner. What Next ? Other SEO Contest : Kabonfootprint by UKWW forum has been cancelled. Next is Busby SEO Test by Busby Web Solutions.
Thanks for Busby Web Solutions, thanks to Google, Thanks to all my friend. Here are DStudioBali POST achievement on Busby SEO Challenge. Finish at nine :).

SEO WorldCup at Busby Web Solutions

Busby SEO Challenge last day. Now, nothing I can do to rank my blog using they keyphrase : Busby SEO Challenge.

Fast Reading Guide :
Reward | Rules | What is Busby | Position Report | Strategy

Search Engine Optimization Competition

An SEO competition (contest) or SEO Challenge is an activity where one has to optimize their site or blog for any specific key phrase. In other words, it is a challenges using certain keyword(s) to search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners to rank themselves as a challenger among the major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. In this case SEO practitioners have to optimize their page for keyphrase : Busby SEO Challenge in Google SERPs

This contest is just another sport, another adventure for me in the SEO world. In this competition, I must optimize this blog with keyphrase : Busby SEO Challenge.

Busby SEO Contest Rewards

First winner will earn $5,000, second winner earn : $2,000, and third winner will earn : $500.

Busby SEO Challenges Rules
  • This contest has been start from 1st June 2008
  • And the winner will be posted at Busby Website on 12:00 Midday, 31st August 2008, Pert, Australia local time.
  • No use of Black hat technique. The judges reserve the right to review the winner techniques.
  • No illegal behaviour is permitted, no discrimination and no pornography is allowed.
  • Do not include key phrase in domain and sub domain names
  • Domain ages is doesn’t matter
  • Only registered entrants are eligible to win the prize. Go to Busby website to see the Entrants List, and make sure you are on the list.
  • Registration is totally free for everyone.
  • Place a link back to busby in your entrant page.
  • Only one prize per person.
  • No prize for licensees of Busby, franchisees and employees and each of their family members. But they still can compete in this contest.

To win this Busby SEO Test Challenge, there’s only one things to do. Optimize the key phrase to make it appears as number one on Remember only 3 entrants will get the money, and dignity :D.

So What is Busby ?

I found explanation about this on wikipedia.

Busby is the English name for the Hungarian prémes csákó or kucsma, a military head-dress made of fur, worn by Hungarian hussars. In its original Hungarian form the busby was a cylindrical fur cap, having a bag of colored cloth hanging from the top. The end of this bag was attached to the right shoulder as a defense against sabre cuts.

In Great Britain busbies are of two kinds: (a) The rifle busby, a folding cap of astrachan (curly lambswool) formerly worn by rifle regiments, in shape somewhat resembling a Glengarry but taller. (b) the hussar busby, cylindrical in shape, with a bag; this is worn by hussars and the Royal Horse Artillery; Both have straight plumes in the front of the headdress.

Possibly the name’s original sense of a ‘busby wig’ came from association with Dr Richard Busby, headmaster of Westminster School in the late 1600s; it is also derived from buzz, in the phrase ~ buzz wig.

Busby also a suburb in south-western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Located 37 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Liverpool. Neighbouring suburbs include Miller, Heckenberg, Hinchinbrook, Green Valley and Bonnyrigg.

Busby SEO Contest Position Report : Based on this datacenter

July / 09 / 08 : 28 + 29
July / 10 / 08 : 26 + 27
August / 01 / 08 : still in 6. (need more magic to buzz it up)
August / 09 / 08 : Drop to 7, and now my competitor want me to get away from this position :)). Take your place dude, do what you should do, and you’ll get the place. peace
August / 13 / 08 : Position Drop to 13.
A U G U S T 16 : up to 8
A U G U S T 21 : my position in this Busby SEO Competition is up to : 5 (not bad for single post and newbie like me ), do I need more buzz ? or wait and see ?

Next Strategy for my Busby SEO Challenge page:

  • Following everything my competitors did to their Busby SEO Challenge Page, as long as that are good for my page :D (at least almost all of them). And of course I will continued to use my technique.
  • Following where they get backlink, and try to get backlink from that place too. And of course I will get backlink for my Busby SEO Challenge, with my own ways.
  • Last : let’s copy and paste other contestant technique in Busby SEO Challenge as long as that is a legal technique in this SEO competition.

2 Days left, and my position in this SEO contest are not in top five. I have to buzz this single post to make it go to the top. But How? would you mind, lend me a hand ? Busby SEO Smiley

And for the final word, I hope this blog end up with a good result on Busby SEO Challenge.

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